Things to do in Yungaburra

If you can draw yourselves away from your excellent accommodation, there a few interesting walks to do around Yungaburra township. If you have indulged a little too much at one of our restaurants the evening before, you might just like to wander down to the platypus platform to try and spot this elusive mammal.

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Make sure you stay more than a few days in Yungaburra so you can see all that we have to offer.
























Platypus Viewing

Platypus Viewing Platform

Wander down to the viewing platform at Peterson Creek at the edge of town (near Nicks Restaurant).

The best viewing times are early morning or late afternoon although you can sometimes see them on cloudy, overcast days.

For more information on the Platypus, visit our Wildlife Page.

Platypus Viewing

Platypus Viewing Platform to Allumbah Pocket (10 minutes)

A walk runs along Petersen Creek, joining the two spots.

From the Platypus Platform, walk over and then under the bridge and along the creek. Close to Allumbah Pocket, you cross back over the creek via a suspension bridge.

Check out the various pools along the way remembering that platypus will react to noise and movement. Watch for muddy patches in the clear water as this is caused by platypus feeding.

Peterson Creek

Peterson Creek Botanical Walk (total walk approx 5km)

A haven for wildlife with some great spots along the way for a picnic. Platypus, tree kangaroos, wallabies and a variety of birds and other wildlife are regularly observed.

From Allumbah Pocket, at the bottom end of Penda Street, follow the signposted track to Frawleys Pool which is a great spot for a break. Follow the track (it is steep in some parts) and return to Yungaburra past the Pioneers Cemetery and Mulgrave Road.

Ask for a map at the Yungaburra Visitors Information Centre.

Old Town Loop

Old Town Loop Heritage Walk

With 18 buildings listed by the National Trust of Queensland, Yungaburra has the highest proportion of heritage listed buildings outside of regional centres in Queensland.

Take a stroll back in time, around the historic heart of Yungaburra Village, ask for a map at the Visitor Information Centre.


Yungaburra Market

Yungaburra Markets

Experience a true country market. The Tablelands largest and most popular with arts and craft, local produce, food and even livestock.

It is a great morning out, hunting for the perfect gift, and catching up with old friends.

The 4th Saturday morning of each month (except December), 7.30am to 12.30pm. See for dates.

These markets are run by the P&C of the Yungaburra State School, and profits from the stalls benefit the local children.

Curtain Fig Tree

Curtain Fig Tree Walk (20 minutes)

Starting from the Platypus viewing platform, follow the path across the bridge, and then follow the markers to the Curtain Fig Forest Reserve.

It is then a 50m rainforest walk in to see Tablelands most famous tree, the Curtain Fig.

This tree has been formed when seeds were deposited high in a host tree by birds. The fig tree has sent down aerial roots to the ground, and in time the host tree has died, leaving a huge curtain of aerial roots.

You can also drive to the Reserve if you prefer. The walk into the tree is wheelchair accessible.